Giving highest priority to our Safety and Quality policies we built strong relationships with our customers fulfilling their expressed needs and expectations. The work culture developed in Airon helped us in establishing long term relationships with our customers and in becoming an active contributor in their business development.

With our in-house training system and skill monitoring practices we always meet our customer expectations in providing the right level of skills and support with the best attitude.

We shall ensure that no form of energy or natural resources is wasted at any time. We shall ensure that disposal of waste materials are done in the best possible manner

HSE Objectives :

To give highest priority to safety, in project execution activities To provide safety training to employees and contract workers and to ensure use of PPE and safe work practices

To inculcate safety culture in the organization where safety is manifested in each employees mind, thought and expression

To strictly adhere to the safety policies and safe work practices of our customers when on site

To identify and eliminate risk related process by carrying out safety audits

To cover all field employees under ESI and Personal accident insurance policies

To continuously strive for improvement in safety performances